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We package pet treats of various sizes in gusseted and stand up style pouches. Our flexibility on the size of orders (manufacturing runs) is an important part of why our customers choose us. We are also willing to received bulk shipments of treats and pre-printed package materials prior to scheduling whole orders, which allows our customers the ability produce or purchase raw material more efficiently.




Knowing that the majority of retailers are limited on space and most manufacturers don't want the added expense of shipping back to their facility, we offer our customers the ability to warehouse products upon completion of their packaging order(s) at reasonable rates.




Because timing is everything and we realize choices matter, we offer the ability to ship directly to wholesalers, retailers, and/or consumers. Our drop shipping program is useful for smaller businesses and online retailers that lack the ability to store and inventory product.    

Business Development



We have found that the value of relationships with our vendors can help those wanting to use our services. For that reason, we help clients through the design and development of the products they want to take to market.  We also work closely with a sales team that can aid in moving product through various retail outlets.

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